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Sandwich pens a love letter to the one and only Bruce Willis.

On this Thanksgiving, Chris gives us thanks for Community and all the joy that the show brought!

Sandwich and Chris present their newest bit, Love Letters!

Sandwich and Chris go over some nuts and bolts and tidy things up!

Following up with another Halloween themed episode, we decide what Horror Movies Deserve a Sequel, Part II!Be sure to follow, rate, share and subscribe wherever you listen! But mos...

Sandwich and Chris are back with some Halloween themed goodness! This time we rank the best Halloween TV Episodes!Be sure to rate, subscribe, share and review!Follow us on Facebook...

Welcome to a bookend episode! Prior we did "Movies We Loved as Kids but were Actually Trash". This is the opposite. Ya heard?

We're back with our Part 2 as promised!Be sure to check out their YouTube page, "Geronimo Draws"!

Sandwich and Chris welcome on filmmaker and all around media expert, Mike Delavan to help us break down our favorite actors who don't give a flying f**k!Check out @geronimodraws on...

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